Monthly Horoscope for Virgo – July 2012


August 23 – September 22

During the sun’s transit in Cancer, you’ll be driven to organize getaways and gatherings to have a good time with your friends. With Mercury in Leo, interactions and trips are made easy. The single Virgos will benefit from Pluto’s passionate influence by daring much more. Venus will reduce the impact of family issues. A few financial problems could occur with Mars and Saturn in Libra. Your activities, on the other hand, will experience positive changes under Uranus and Jupiter’s positive effects. With so much insight and willpower, people will adore you !


It couldn’t get any cooler. You’ll be enjoying delightful, happy moments with your friends…Times you’re not about to forget ! Everyone will notice your charisma. On the way out of your sign, Mars will alleviate all family tensions. Venus is using its charms on Jupiter, instigating an atmosphere where pleasure and desires run free. The singles won’t be so lucky. Deceptions or annoyances will darken their relational sphere. The social bees should pamper their contacts : There’s something very special to discover ! Is it love ? That would surely get a smile back on your face !


You have mastered the ability of putting things into perspective and this allows you to be much more relaxed. You should be examining new options that could lead you to the most unexpected opportunities. Results are on their way and by September, you should notice the progress. You’ll be benefiting from Mercury, Venus and Jupiter’s support in every action you undertake, managing to take things a step further, constructively. You’ll be bringing people together, guaranteeing your evolution. Challenges are like games : See them as stepping stones. Innovative ideas and projects stimulate you.


Money comes and goes, manage it wisely. You’ll be pretty much free to do whatever you like but it doesn’t mean that you must not be cautious. Saturn will make sure your whole situation stays healthy, but Mars is there to corrupt it with a taste of fantasy. Consequently, don’t start living beyond your means. Leisure or vacations might make an impact on your budget and it could be quite challenging to stay afloat this month. You’ll be glad to have Jupiter and Mercury on your side, boosting your activities and guaranteeing a positive evolution of your income.

Astro Date

Week of 1st/2nd to 8th : Pleasure and love connections will be highlighted on the 3rd will the full moon in Capricorn. Watch out for conflicts in your family circle ! Week of 9th to 15th : You’ll find satisfaction through friendships and relations. Re balance your finances. Week of 16th to 22nd : The new moon in Cancer on the 18th will allow wonderful moments of tenderness and harmony at home. Forget about work and relax. Morale is looking great ! Week of 23rd to 29th/30th/31st : Get your mind off things in the company of well-intentioned people. Organize your next holidays. There’s nothing better than going out in order to unwind.


Slow and steady wins the race…Take advantage of your assets in terms of communication to focus on your priorities and address every issue that needs attention. You’ll be entirely capable of defending your own interests with conviction. Whatever you’re dealing with, rely on your intuition, and this applies to you as well as to others’ interests. On the financial level, you could be acting too impulsively. Keep that card in your pocket ! Family reunions are a wonderful occasion to rejoice, share a few ideas and even come clear with lingering misunderstandings.

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